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  1. Default How to install slingbox mobile to HTC EVO

    I'm New to this and I'm trying to install the slingbox mobile on my phone. Need help bad.

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    1. Connect your smartphone to a PC.
    2. Start the Microsoft ActiveSync application on your PC. Activesync is the software that comes with a smartphone and allows the PC and smartphone to talk to each other and to share files.

    3. Download the Slingplayer Mobile setup software to your PC. You can find this software on the Slingbox website
    4. Double-click the .exe file that you download to start installation on the smartphone.
    5. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue installation. The software guides you through the rest of the process. Don't disconnect the smartphone from the PC until the installation is complete.

    hope can help you !

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    Thanks for giving me useful suggestion.

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    Thanks MoonFlower2011 i am looking for this it works thanks for the information

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