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    i'm using SE G900.... is there eng version....?

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    My fren has 1...
    i'll ask him for it...
    maybe i'll post it here

    [EDIT] ... my frend's fren sent it to him...
    so he cant send it to me
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    thank you very mush... but izzit english version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wayne78 Log in to see links
    thank you very mush... but izzit english version?
    It isnt...
    he stated the language already...

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    If any one want Age of Heroes V in English, just visit my thread:

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    Yeah.....anyone gopt Age of Heroes 5 176x220?

    ENGLISH pls...

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    i think that only main screen is on russian and the rest of the game is on english

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  9. Exclamation Age of heroes online

    Age of Heroes Online is a mobile multiuser Java game following the traditions of such iconic projects as Heroes of Might and Magic and Kings Bounty. Player controls a hero who commands the whole army consisting of different creatures. All creatures have their own characteristics and skills, they can be bought and sold. Battles in game run in turn-based mode on the separate battle maps, army against army. Players can fight both with different monsters and other players gaining in such a way glory and sometimes – gather objects that drop from enemies.

    There are plenty of objects in game that influence differently on player, magic spells and skills parameters available on the battle field. Also a huge number of tasks is available for heroes carrying out which they can gain money and experience.

    Also you can download the games in the directory of free downloads on this site.
    The game is really exiting. Enjoy!
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