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  1. Smile Camera ZOOM FX v2.7.1

    Camera ZOOM FX v2.7.1
    Requirements: Android OS 1.5 - 2.3
    Overview: The most advanced camera for Android!

    The ultimate camera for Android: Camera ZOOM FX

    Camera ZOOM FX gives you:
    * 40 fx! vignette,lomo,retro,polaroid(>fxcamera)
    * Win $100 in photo contest
    * FREE skinpacks
    * fun props (like PicSay)
    * borders / frames
    * famous ‘buddies’ in your pictures
    * stable camera (incl onscreen meter)
    * clap to snap
    * pro timer
    * zoom
    * geotag
    * autosave
    * silent camera
    * hipstamatic fx
    * customization of ALL hardware buttons to camera functions
    - e.g. volume buttons to control zoom
    * customizable grid overlays
    * flash (if avail)
    * burst mode up to 16 shots
    * quad camera
    * auto focus
    * whitebalance
    * nightshot
    * digi composites (photoshop style overlays)
    * full camera resolution (up to 8mp if avail)
    * 1-click upload photo to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
    * full-screen camera shutter
    * animated shutter effects (even more to download!)
    * launch picture gallery
    * circular zoom wheel (optional)

    What's in this version:
    Fixed zoom on Thunderbolt and Samsung Galaxy Tab
    bug fixes

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    It works, thanks!

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