Now the popular game Alchemy Classic is available for Nokia Ovi Store!

In the beginning you have just 4 basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Use them to discover new ones. To obtain a new element, combine one element with another, for example, Fire and Water. The aim of the game is to discover all the elements. You can get new elements using the ones you obtained before. You can notice the logical sequeneces in the game. Combining elements you can reach paper plant and nuclear power plant from the simplest elements such as wood and metals. Try to discover them all!

challenging, exciting gameplay;
bright graphics;
necessity to use the logical thinking.

The game is a perfect puzzle and complete time-killer. Creating the elements, you create the world!

Before you need to install Qt libs.
Link to Ovi Store: http: // store. ovi. com/content/108373