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  1. Question nokia phone rejecting sim card

    My nokia cames from Germany. It refuses all Cameroon sims (both MTN and Orange). It return on screen 'SIM not valid.' Please what can i do to solve this problem?

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    It looks like the phone is locked to a provider (the company is probably in Germany!). You need to get the phone unlocked before it will accept your sim card! PM me or post again if you need more help
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  3. Default nokia phone rejecting sim card

    Yeah it is possible b'coz your phone cames from Germany and i think if you use other country on that phone definitely reject your sim card.B'coz it is rules of TRY.

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    Looks like the phone is locked to a provider,you need to get the phone unlocked before it will accept your sim card.
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    Hi please unlock your mobile by any mobile shop and then you can use this..
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    Try going to network settings and updating the network

  7. Smile about unlocking phone or working tip for sim

    just format ur nokia phone.dial *#7370# then select yes to restore all settings.then choose the country in which ur sim has taken.i.e consider ur sim location(country/state)as your phone country and set date and time.
    If it works then reply me or post a reply to me.

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    Your phone is locked to its network! You have to unlock your phone, in order to use it with other networks!!!You can use codes to unlock your Nokia! Unlocking using codes is easy and the safest method!! You can get the codes from your service provider or from reliable online sites like ***********.com .By specifying Your phone's manufacture, model,country and network,you'll be able to get the codes!

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