Talking Tom Cat v1.3.8
Requirements: All Android versions - Supports App2SD
Overview: Talking Tom repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

Meet Tom, the perfect feline pet. Sure, he's a little hard to snuggle, but he won't scratch, require feeding, or need his litter box emptied. And you won't need to worry about obnoxiously early morning wake-ups because he just has to have your love and attention -- or because he is staring at you from three inches away. If that weren't enough, he's sure to make you laugh whenever you pick him up! Talking Tom responds to your touch and will repeat back everything you say in a funny voice. He doesn't even mind a little rough play; give him a poke, or grab his tail! He's also a ham for the camera: record videos up to 30 seconds, save them to your gallery, and send them as MMS or share them on YouTube, Facebook, or via e-mail. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with your new favorite pet.

Talk to Tom and he'll repeat everything in a comedic voice
Record up to 30 seconds of Tom video
Share video via YouTube, Facebook, MMS, or via e-mail
Poke Tom's head, belly, or feet, pet him, or pull his tail
Ignore Tom and he'll yawn or sneeze

Release info:
Retail supplied by CyberBabay
Cracked by Twingo (Paid Amazon version (Ad-Free))