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  1. Angry LG 8800...aka VENUS

    Hey guys,

    My phone is LG8800 also known as LG venus. I am in USA. There is not a way to put songs as ringtones. Does anyone know how can i do this. I dont think it support bitpim yet. I tried one website where you can create mp3 ringtones and then send it to your mobile. i tried that and it worked but the quality stinks. Basically i cant upload off a computer but if i get it in a picture message then the phone allows me to set it as ringtone. Anyone have solution to this hairy situation? Thanks for you help in advance.

  2. Default Frends

    hello,Im in indonesia,, sorry im not cant spike engglish,,im cant spike indonesia,,
    hallo apakabar??
    namanya siapa?,boleh gak kenalan,,saya epul,,terimakasih.

  3. Default bitpim works

    i use bitpim. dl the program. then connect your phone and set it for data transfer. start bitpim and use one of the dl'd ringtones from this website. add it to the ringers section under media and convert it. then click the send data to phone button.

  4. Default

    I got as far as the converting page but when I tell it to convert it takes me to a black popup screen what do I put in there?

  5. Default

    I got this venus and I try bitpim and It work. I am make rightone out of MP3 songs. I can cut the clip i want it. It work good and i like this programe.

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