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  1. Lightbulb GPSP 4 Symbian (S60v5 GBA Emulator)

    You'll need QT Installer and a bios for this to work, put the Bios on your memory card.

    To select a rom click file>load rom and select the rom from your memory card or phone memory, the same goes for the bios just select set bios instead of load rom.

    QT Installer:

    Attached Files Attached Files

  2. Default

    Here are a few ROMs:

    Pokemon Emerald


    Pokemon Fire Red


    Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2


    Sword of Mana


    Tekken Advance


    Super Mario Advance 2 - Super Mario World


  3. Default Error

    When i try to install the QT to my Sony Ericsson Vivaz (S60 5th edition) i get error -33, Help please?

  4. Default

    I think that QT Installer is for Nokia phones only, try this one if it works.

  5. Default

    I installed the QT, thanks, but the application GPSP (the one you gave in the link) wont install, it says certificate error?

  6. Default

    You should sign it with your certificate and key.

    Use SignSis to sign applications from your PC.

    You can get your certificate and key here:

  7. Default


  8. Default

    Jeez, i tried all that stuff and it is far too confusing, could you perhaps do it, i can give you all the stuff you need?

  9. Smile

    GPSP is one of my favorite applications. I love it than others because I can play my favorite game "pokemon". If you play pokemon on S60v5, why don't you try a hacked version one like Pokemon ruby reign of destiny. It's much cooler than the official ones

  10. Default

    can i install this emulator in n97 mini??

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