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  1. Default QuickOffice Premier Upgrade v6.0.263.S60v3 SymbianOS9.1 signed

    Release Date : 01-28-2009
    Release Type: Cracked
    Cracker/Supplier: illusion
    Language : English
    Operating System: SymbianOS9.1

    quickoffice 6.0 enables remote file access and bolsters enterprise
    document security on S60 smartphones It enables users to remotely
    access, browse and open files stored in Internet cloud services, such
    as Apples MobileMe iDisk, FilesAnywhere and, etc. The
    software also allows access to files on corporate drives and servers,
    including Microsoft SharePoint. n addition, the 6.0 release includes
    new security features for using encrypted and password-protected Word
    and Excel documents. With these additions, Quickoffice continues to
    drive mobile professional productivity to new levels. Users now have
    unprecedented document access, reducing the need to store files on
    the phone while increasing security to protect documents stored
    locally. Quickoffice 6.0 also adds several other new features,
    including a file manager that handles all file types and support for
    opening, editing and saving back to Zip files. In addition,
    Quickoffice enables users to view charts in Office 2007 Excel
    spreadsheets including real-time recalculation. The software suite is
    optimized for viewing and editing, and includes superior document
    round-trip capabilities to retain file formatting and maintain data
    integrity. Quickoffice has also updated its Adobe Mobile Reader for
    S60 with the latest Adobe engine, providing faster response and
    better handling of complex PDF document

    Installation instruction
    1.) Unpack 2.) Install 3.) Enjoy!!
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