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  1. Wink Reboot Control Widget v1.67

    Reboot Control Widget v1.67
    Requirements: ANDROID:1.5 and up
    Overview: Reboot Widget


    This Widget will allow you to reboot any device including

    Hot Boot
    Reboot to Recovery
    Reboot to Bootloader
    Power Off
    Wipe Device
    Do not move to SD card or it will disappear.
    **Slowness is cause by the phone not the app**

    PLEASE DO NOT MOVE widgets to the SDcard they wil vanish. This is not an app issue it is the way google designed moving apps to the SD.
    The Wipe button requires confirmation once pushed so there is no need to worry about accidently hitting it.

    Hot Boot Fixes
    Preference option to remove wipe handheld added.
    If Hot Boot is not working please contact us via email to help resolve the issue.

    Download (82,44 KB):
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    Default Reboot Control Widget v1.67

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