Manga Watcher v0.4.30-ANDROID-FULL
Requirements: all Android versions
Overview: Read your favorite manga on your phone. You can read online or download and read later. You can open your manga from sdcard (png, jpg, zip). Share in Facebook and Twitter. Read manga from, and etc. Read the manga in English, French, Russian and soon Spanish.
Have multitouch and one finger zoom!

Available sites:
- - English;
- - English;
- - English;
- - English;
- - English;
- - English (Adult, Doujinshi);
- - English;
- - French;
- - Russian;
- - Russian;
- - Russian;
- - Spanish;
- - Spanish (Adult, Doujinshi);

added site (German);
added option "Folders Storing Manga" for change folder for store manga;
added fixing of the page while reading the X-th coordinate;
added option "Update on Startup" allowed update list of manga after start app;
added option "Update Frequency" for set frequency update list of manga;
bug fix while reading;
bug fix restore proc;
add options "Languages" specify in which languages you read the manga;
"Advanced Search" by Author;
Search in manga catalog by title and author;
added cover for Bleach Exile;
support Motorola Atrix screen resolution;
fix bug with error code "Free space not available";
bug fix;
NEXT TRY support Motorola Atrix screen resolution!


v0.4.29: (1,96 MB):

v0.4.30: (2,97 MB):