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    Thumbs up Genma God's Story 240x320pxl .EN.

    Genma God's Story(Recorded)


    Genre: Fight, Adventures
    Vendor: lxs

    King Zhou finally fell, extending for 600 years along with the King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty to the end of the demise of the Star, new symbol of King Wu, Zhou Dynasty increasingly bright star.

    Maung dignified appearance Kiyotoshi light strand ears Golden Boot Head lining Chuijian dragon jade floral 8 socks like the new moon, holding a slingshot back, destroyed 3 sharp edged Holy Spirit, Akagi Zhao. Were endless number of Erlang

    Note:The 'Store Menu' (RightSoftKey), the Accessing will available after the Completion of 'Pronologue' ‎Section (Before Chapter I)

    'Download the Genma God's Story English'
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    Is this s40 compatible?

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