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  1. Default Help with mobile witch remote control

    looking for free BB apps to control my laptop remotely, I found Mobile Witch Remote control, the 2.3.0 version is available from this site but a new version (3.3.0) has just appeared recently.
    So I installed the server part on my laptop and the client part on the BB (Bold 9000). The server is started and when I launch the client on BB it find the server but then it hangs and finally gives me a "" (Cannot connect) error message.
    This application is written in Java and works with bluetooth, and I can see bluetooth is allowed for this app.
    I just want to know if somebody already has succeeded to make this application work on BB and was there some tricks ?
    Or does anyone have a clue on what could go wrong ?
    Thanx in advance

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    You can sit back on the couch and control your computer with the mobilephone.
    Cheers and highly recommend it!
    I have no issue with this app. actually I don't have experience with BB.
    Nothing much so far, works fine with my Nokia.

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    bb app is very powerful awesome control laptop

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    BB is amazing app with nice features.

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