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    Good morning Karl, I am not quite sure weyher this is the right place to seek for help, pls do not ban me if I'm wrong !

    I have problemes removing "leftovers" of games I installed on my E65. I downloaded Quake, and it wouldn't work. So I removed it by means of AppManager and to my great surprise , every tome I switch on the phone AppManager tries to install 3 remnants from this game. The remnants are called alike 00001 and 0002 . They appear like "not installed" in AppManager. There's no way to delete them using SExplore and try to "catch" them. These files are installed on the memory card.

    I tried like you say, reinstall and disinstall wirhot opening the game, but these leftovers are still there...and it's so boring to switch on the E65 and see the AppManager trying to install, giving up and saying " Unreliable app found in the memory card. Install them by AppManager"...!!!

    Would you be so kind as to give me some other advice ? Thanks a lot !

    Another question: many times I downloaded a game called "HOW Sanstorm". The game appears to work but after 1 minute's time, a grey screen comes up and says "Ypu got this game illegally!". No other way but to close the app and remove it. It's a pity. Have u ever heard about that ?

    Thanks for your attention, hope to read from you soon. The site is the best ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Default if I do

    there are 2 ways to delete the file.
    1.use PC
    hand-phone to connect the PC via a USB data
    see the hand-phone screen will display several options mode, click on "data transfer" (mass storage). do not select the mode "pc suite".
    hand-phone will change to offline mode, click ok
    now-open windows explorer in the pc, select the drive memory hand phone, for example "F"
    -entry into the folder \ private \ 10202dce.
    we will see the installation file the application. please delete, and how this can be done on the applications installed on the memory card.
    2.use file manager application made to the three parties as ybrowser or sexplorer. how to remove this application in the pairs on hand phone memory.

    hopefully as a useful compariso

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    Thanks for this advice. It really helped. I was freaking out for about 30 mins trying to delete it and thought it was some kind of virus or something.

  4. Default re

    certain cel phone does not allow u 2 delete games and certain datas. u didnt mention wt pblm ur facing .

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    how can i delete the worm in my cellphone? it just keeps popping up...n96

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    woot thx thx thx worms 3d was being a nuisance on my s60v3 (worms 3d doesnt work on s60v3)

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    It's woking !

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    well i have the same problem on my nokia 6220 classic and still son't know how to deal with it!!!!
    and there are themes i want to delete and i can't!!!?can any one help please?

  9. Wink factory settings

    go to settings and apply factory settings.all that stuff which is creating problem will be deleted.

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    I have vista o.s. I installed CIV IV Gold which has Warlords. I tried to run the update feature. It shows there are no updates. I have to tried to every update from the website but it shows the error message that there is no version of Civilization installed on my computer and there must be to install the patch. Then I reinstall it.Does anyone have any ideas.

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