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  1. Smile Can I buy Blackberry curve 8520?

    I am with nokia 1661 phone and I'm thinking to buy new smart phone. I heard blackberry is good for chitchat as I love too. I am thinking to buy blackberry curve 8520 as one of my friend suggest me, but i want to cross check the review if any one had curve 8520 please tell me its original review. I want a perfect phone for this year as I have no more money to waste. I found cheap in £193 if my friends any body have any better offer then this, I will be thankful to you. Thanks in advance...

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    blackberry is slim,light and exquisite. it is great
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    Yeah, You can go for it, as it has boomed the market with its user-friendly interface & it's pretty small size which makes it handy. It's a best handset for corporate use.

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