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  1. Default Chinese Android Tablet!

    Who has one? What are your experiences with this device? Is it worth buying one of these? I might get one in a few months.

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    Well, one of my friends buy a Onda V8, looks well,I touch the screen, it responded quickly

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    I'm using a 7" tablet from Scope for 2 months now.
    1.6 dual core. Latest Android. Easy to root and a tiny amount of bloatware.

    Cost me 2900 Baht.... About 90 US$

    Check out their website.

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    I am really concern for always Power and control. But they are seem very good. This new wave of cheap Chinese tablet tends to run on versions of the All Winner chipset, coupled with a Mali 400MHz GPU. It works well enough for most apps and general use, but the key thing you want to be looking out for is the amount of system RAM alongside it in the tablet. So i have no problem with these.

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    Android tablets are the latest technological thing, it is having multiple benefits with great demand. Today we can identify the number of Chinese android tablets, i those Ainol is one of the well known and most popular one. Recently jelly bean tablet is released with dual core amlogic processor, that sounds are looking nice. I want to buy it, so any suggestions about it, thanks in advance.

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    one day i was watching a tv show where they were showing that these tablets and mobile phones in china are made by big companies like sony and nokia using the name of smaller companies. Though I don't trust chinese products too much so its no use buying them. All you will do is waste your money.

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