This might work, it might not.. worth a try.

Each week (we can use any league, premier league, la liga, serie a) we will start with premier league, ill post fixtures ill be playing too, and you choose a team who nobody else as chosen you think will win, if they do your through to next round, if they dont, your out. This goes on till someone wins. But you cant choose the same team twice.. so if first round you pick Man Utd, and they win, you cant pick them again.

Just a bit of fun.

12th-14th February

Man Utd v Man City
Arsenal v Wolves
Birmingham v Stoke City
Blackburn v Newcastle
Blackpool v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Wigan
West Brom v West Ham
Sunderland v Tottenham
Bolton v Everton
Fulham v Chelsea

Ill go first, Liverpool.