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  1. Default Can I transfer a sim card to an android phone?

    I have a non-android phone and want to keep my number when I get a new phone.Can I transfer the sim card from the non-android phone to a new android phone or do I need the number transferred to the other sim

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    Actually what do you really want?if you wan to change to an android phone, you just need to transfer your sim card to the new android phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nasdbter Log in to see links
    If like me intend to Log in to see links you use android data transfer tool to transfer them , you won't losing any data when transferring ,because my android data has been transfered to computer successfully ,as well as the tool allow users Log in to see links ,photos,videos,movie,app,and other file between android and computer /iPhone /android ,
    Assistant for Android tool is powerful to move sim card data including SMS and contacts.
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    I do not remember the name of that device again.

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