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Survive… if you can.! Is another exciting game developed by Cascadia Interactive. The game play is very tricky with plenty of challenges for player who wants fast-frantic action and exciting game play.

The gaming dynamics are filled with lots of challenges and excitement. The objective of the game is to direct the star towards the fuel stars, ensuring that it would not get hit by malicious comets. Help the star to clear the level by reaching to the destination. It will take less than a few minutes to familiarize the basics of the game, you will also discover more as you give it a trial.

Guide the object star using tilt control
Collect the fuel star en-route
Reach to the destination without being hit by the malicious comets
Proceed to the next level

If the malicious star hits the star you will lose the game
Next level will be starts after collecting the fuel star
20 challenging levels

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