Press your finger on the screen, and the aircraft will follow your instructions to fight against the enemies!

There are different missions in different stages. For example, you can destroy the enemies, protect the VIP, and take part in the decapitation strike and so on. You will feel enjoyable and excited about different missions.

There are eight aircrafts with different attributes for the players to control. You will find it easy to play if you can take advantages of the different attributes and abilities.

Besides the gorgeous and exciting battle, the game system will give corresponding scores based on the players’ performance. There are also medal of honors and titles for you to take!

Different attributes to choose from.

Various stage design. Up to 40 addictive stages。

Mighty air defense artilleries. Whether it be your right hand or not? It’s all up to you.

You will feel enjoyable and excited about the rich gameplay and thrilling challenge, such as enemy stealth aircraft, aircraft carrier, various new-type aircrafts, up to 20 aircrafts' besiege and instantly aircraft-destroying electromagnetic weapons.

There are three hidden aircrafts with extraordinary fighting strength.

There are different missions and requirements in the story stages, such as destroying the enemies, protecting the VIP, decapitation strike and so on.

Besides the story stage, you can choose challenge mode after clearing all stages.

almanac system will collect all the achievements and aircrafts handbooks.

- “High scores”
Compare the scores with global players by build-in Openfeint.

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