Guide shooting meteoroids through more than 80 hand-crafted galaxy puzzle levels. Zlider combines puzzle solving with hand coordination in a retro style arcade game.

- New thinking puzzle game concept, combining reaction, hand coordination and planning.
- Over 80 NEW level ranging in difficulty, from relaxing to ultra challenging.
- Awesome retro video game graphics and level art.
- Global leader-boards and share your scores with your Facebook friends.

Instead of controlling the meteoroids you navigate by controlling the surrounding walls and objects. The red and blue walls are moved vertically with your left and right thumb. Coordination, fast reactions and planning are needed to clear all the obstacles.

Levels are easy to complete but difficult to master. In order to master every level you need to find and collect all the gems and keep all your meteoroids from destruction. This will help you unlock further levels.

The first release of Zlider got the following comments from some of the app reviewers:

"This game by Moyo Studios is out of this world! "
- GadgetLab

"I've had a lot of fun with it..."
- Touch Arcade

“...very addicting.”
- AppGuide

- The Portable Gamer

"Zlider is a very unique... first in its class..."
- iPhone App Reviews

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