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    i'm trying to install mana chronicles v.1.0

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    Since the Nexus S dont come with the SD card (its somewhat hidden). Anyway what do i do to get the games running. Some games run and some don't for some weird reasons

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    @cloners How? On your phone or computer?

    @PicklesPOP Try my Dropbox guide. If an app IS installed but does not run correctly it is the phone's or developer's fault.

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    i'm trying to install that game on my phone

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    I didn't mean that. Did you download it through your phone as well?

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    I download that to my PC first then put that on my phone

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    Then it should work, or the crack isn't proper.

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    I'm not able to install games on my motorola cliq 2 from this site. I can d/l them on my computer and transfer to memory card but when I try to install them with Astro I get a message saying could not be installed on this phone...I checked my settings to make sure all non-market apps are allowed..but still no luck...Ive tried to rename the .apk file...and still doesn't work..

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    I have a SE x10 .

    I do not know how to install downloaded games from this forum.

    I do not have internet on the phone , it was cancelled because there were accidents resulting in my bill going over by SGD 80 dollars (accidentally) . Weirdly, my wifi stopped working as well so i cant go on internet at all .

    Wonder how do i install games? :3 If possible a more detailed explanation because i am new to this phone and android


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    Great way of explaining, i loved way of drawing, pictures always more helpful to make understand, sure in future want to follow it..

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