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    Default PaPaGo! M7 for Windows Mobile

    PaPaGo! M7 for Windows Mobile

    New release of PaPaGo! Navigation software from Maction with realistic 3-D building view and voice guidance/input features. This map covers only Taiwan, and is displyed in traditional Chinese but come with optional English voice.

    Requirements: WM5 and WM6 with Chinese font. Support screen resolution of 320x240, 320x480, 640x480, 800x480, 240x400.

    PaPaGo! M7 for Windows Mobile

    Papago_M7 for WM: Decompress the following and place it at //storage card/Navi
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    Map: dated 10/2010 (10Q410V1.1): place it under /Navi/Maps
    For WM:
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    Dear Sir,

    I have download the above program and map to my HTC cruise phone. It works smoothly. Thank you! How can I change the map to Hong Kong. I Have tried to replace the map inside the map folder with HongKong one and keep the Taiwan Map header file. It failed to start!

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    looks pretty good,my phone is samgsung.

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    Which town is it? No, you don't get to take it over.

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