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  1. Default Unlocking blackberry phones

    In this thread you can discuss the queries about unlocking BB phones.

    1. You can discuss

    A. 'How to unlock BB phones'.
    B. Issues regarding unlocking BB phones.

    2. You can also share your experience about unlocking and the best ways to unlock.

    I'll guide you through the different ways to unlock BB phones easily & cheap.

    Every BB phones can be unlocked using MEP2 codes also known unlocking codes. So you can use you phone with every sim. This is the most practical way.

    The other way is to flash your phone using software. But the chances are 50-50. Sometimes your phones may get hard-locked and cannot be unlocked anymore.

    The practical way is to try unlock codes.

    You can use the link below to obtain genuine unlock codes. Just enter you phone model.

    That's all ...your BB unlocked.

    To learn how to unlock you may follow this link Copy this link to your browser. Then click go

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    Thanks for sharing...

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    New method to unlock your Berry using PRD code. PRD is found on the sticker under
    the battery. This is more accurate method for code.

    Check this site:

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    Thanks JeremyHeart,
    I don't have experience about that site.
    Personally i use *********************.com Here i unlocked my Blackberry mobile using unlock code.It's the best way to unlock mobile phone.They provided my unlock code with step by step unlock instructions via e-mail.It's very useful done my unlocking successfully.

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