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    Default Putt-Putt Golf for BlackBerry [by Jump Games]

    Putt-Putt Golf

    [by Jump Games]

    The game involves placing a golf ball more than 90 holes spread over five levels of increasing difficulty, with 18 holes each. Do this in the lines as possible and could be on his way to winning games and virtual medals trophies.The is highly customizable and allows you to select and play as one of five fascinating characters, each with its own playing style and personality . The game's levels are designed for maximum fun and high repeat playability across multiple levels of challenge that is moving and static obstacles and dangers. Whatever your choice, there is something for everyone.

    9300 Curve / 9500 Storm / 9700 Bold BlackBerry
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    many thanks

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    Its good game with really good concept I love to play this kind of games.

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