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  1. Default requests

    maybe u can make this sticky for futher avoid spaming this section with request threads.

    ok ill go first
    can u find me mystique series for android,i think that theres 3 episodes out now.tnx

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    Is there a port for Plants VS Zombies? I know it's coming to Android but not till next year... I tried a chinese one but well.. it's chinese and doesn't work that well.

  3. Default

    BluSky, you are the best, seriously.

    Where do you guys get all those ports? Is there one of tap tap revenge too? Or any of the tap tap games would be so awesome. I could finally show those iphones who's boss.

    Again, thanks

    EDIT: ah, this game isn't a port of the iPhone version but of the PC version, it doesn't look nor play that great =/ oh well
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    tnx bluesky
    deathfather there isnt PvZ original yet only that chinese adventure mode
    i hope square enix will port chaos rings to android(best rpg on iphone).i think that will see a lot of quality games when sony release their psp phone next year.

  5. Default Request Android Games

    Request any Android Game on this topic!
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  6. Default

    Yes, anyone? we need this game:-)
    we hope that arrive soon:-)
    and epic cidatel?

  7. Default

    Working Exzeus for X8 please

  8. Default Request Android games


    Android is new to me. I am looking for some games.

    The Bobby Carrot games
    A game like 'Box it'
    A game like 'Block breaker' and Arkanoid
    A game like 'Caveman''and Pitfall

    Can somebody help me?


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    Hey! Please post future requests here:

    Bobby Carrot games, were those available on iOS or Java?

  10. Default

    Does anyone have Guitar Rock Tour 2, the new game by Gameloft? Would be higly appreciated! I can't find it anywhere!

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