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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Log in to see links
    Use baby powder where the ants trail is etc...
    I got some spray to treat the walls/foundation.
    It is supposed to repel ants for as long as up to 4 weeks.
    I'll keep an eye out how it'll perform.

    The spray is odor and color less, thus it makes no mess.


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    Uploads (Pending) for over 2 months

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    The summer heat!

    39°C this week and supposed to rise higher.

    Equipment at work is shutting down and workers are passing out due to the high temperatures.

    Not cool at all!

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    When something comes to an end

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    Being "BLOCK" on Facebook by Facebook Police for "LIKE" too many posts in a row...

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    Their latest Windows 10 update bricked my Acer Switch One 10!

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