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    This thread is centuries old, how did it come to the first page

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    The powers that be deemed it necessary that it be on the first page.

    Live with it!
    And don't be so irritating!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxide Log in to see links
    I'll start... Sorry admins. Nothing personal.
    Attachment 2812
    I hardly ever have that...
    Quote Originally Posted by vampire Log in to see links
    the thing that irritates me is Noxide becuase he/she talk too much.
    WOW, what a nerve to insult Nox on his thread! So rude!!

    Things irritates me....ignorance and selfishness.
    Oh, and the Heat at the moment.

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    wats that irrtate me is that sometime i have problems browseing in m24

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    mosquito bites irritate me

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    my cats fleas...

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    people outbiddin me on ebay

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    When the stupid weather can't decide if it wants to be stormy or extremely sunny and hot!!

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    some of the tiger challenges on the 2010 tiger woods....they r so easy yet so hard and frustrating

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