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  1. Default Jabplite 1.69 - Your Personal Finance Manager

    Jabplite 1.69 - Your Personal Finance Manager

    The idea behind JabpLite has been to write a sophisticated personal finance program in Java MIDP which will work on a range of devices including Symbian phones and the Blackberry.
    JabpLite has many features to help you keep track of your finances, for example:
    # Multiple accounts
    # Default and user-defined categories
    # Regular transactions (ie. save the transactions you do regularly)
    # Track your investments
    # Standing Orders (yearly, monthly, daily with any frequency), automatically generated on the due dates
    # Future Balance calculations (see if you will have enough money to last until pay day!)
    # Net worth calculation
    # Top ten expense categories (see where your money is going!)
    # Foreign currency accounts with automatic revaluation when FX rates change
    and much more.
    You can import or export QIF files to work with other PC-based financial programs.
    You can also backup your data and, when the time comes, move it onto your next phone!
    Now it can synchronize with JABP using JabpSync.

    Download :
    1) Application : Log in to see links
    2) Full User Manual : Log in to see links

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    thanks for this again bro. a really handy application!

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    I am a post graduate in commerce and finance manager. I wanted to learn SAP FICO. Will this will be useful for betterment of my carreer.

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    thanx for sharing

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    Fantastic app I love to use this app.

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