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  1. Default Assassin's Creed-Altairs Chronicles HD S^3 UnSigned (Cracked)

    [center]Assassin's Creed-Altairs Chronicles HD S^3 UnSigned ( cracked )

    1) Download the game file:

    2) Rename it as: s

    3) Sign the file in step (3) with your certificate and get this: gned.sisx

    4) Remove the "signed" from the file name and you should have this: sx

    5) Install: sx
    Do not run the game yet


    6) Download the Serial and Key File:

    Extract the downloaded file.

    7) Using X-Plore, browse for Gameloft folder in C Drive. Explore 1.51:

    8) Paste the downloaded AssassinsCreed.ser and AssassinsCreed.key into the Gameloft folder in drive C.

    9) Now, run the game. The activation screen will appear. Upon activation, ask to download game files. But then, the game will detect existing game files. Just select "extract". The extraction will take a few minutes.

    Finally, the Gameloft short animation will appear and proceed to main menu
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    not working,,
    illegal copy,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by HALTE View Post
    not working,,
    illegal copy,,
    try now friend just follow the steps
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    is there any version for my N95 8gb?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hateno View Post
    is there any version for my N95 8gb?

    Its 3D but its not HD
    type Assassin Creed s60v3 in google and first link
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    thanx for sharing

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    reupload please

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