this thread is for ICC cricket world cup 2011. I am going to post the scores here. support your country.. I am from Bangladesh so I am going to support them..

February 2011.

Opening Match - Bangladesh v India Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur

2nd match - New Zealand v Kenya

3rd match - Sri Lanka v Canada

4th match - Australia v Zimbabwe

5th match - England v Netherlands

6th match - Pakistan v Kenya

7th match - South Africa v West Indies

8th match - Bangladesh v Ireland

9th match - Australia v New Zealand

10th match - Sri Lanka v Pakistan

11th match - India v England

12th match - Canada v Zimbabwe

13th match - West Indies v Netherlands

March 2011

14th match - Sri Lanka v Kenya

15th match - England v Ireland

16th match - South Africa v Netherlands

17th match - Pakistan v Canada

18th match - New Zealand v Zimbabwe

19th match - Bangladesh v West Indies

20th match - Sri Lanka v Australia

21st Match - South Africa v England

22nd Match - India v Ireland

23rd match - Canada v Kenya

24th match - Pakistan v New Zealand

25th match - India v Netherlands

26th match - Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe

27th match - West Indies v Ireland

28th match - Bangladesh v England

29th match - India v South Africa

30th match - New Zealand v Canada

31st match - Australia v Kenya

32nd match - Bangladesh v Netherlands

33rd match - Pakistan v Zimbabwe

34th match - South Africa v Ireland

35th match - Australia v Canada

36th match - England v West Indies

37th match - Ireland v Netherlands

38th match - Sri Lanka v New Zealand

39th match - Bangladesh v South Africa

40th match - Pakistan v Australia

41st match - Zimbabwe v Kenya

42nd match - India v West Indies