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    Quote Originally Posted by battuji Log in to see links
    i think u r right.. i will keep my fingers cross for next big game- india vs west indies on 20th march n i want to see my team to win that match!
    To be honest, ive not been impressed with India so far, i had you as favorites to win it along with Sri Lanka at start. But your bowling been quite weak.

    Then again every team shown weaknesses.

    England despite drawing with India and beating South Africa find ourselves having to beat West Indies in our final group game. To much cricket, 6 months non stop, England players look shattered an look like they just wanna go home.

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    yeah, i know that our bowling is weak but the batting line up is so strong..

    In ur team the captain is the only man who is performing well, while the bowlers r fail to show their strenght!

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    And yet we can't beat you

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    Do or die for England today...

    Against the Windies.

    What do you reckon Paul?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noxide Log in to see links
    Do or die for England today...

    Against the Windies.

    What do you reckon Paul?
    243 all out, not confident.. 40/50 runs short i think.

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    england just manage to be in world cup by beating west indies with 18 runs.. Now england is on 3rd place in group B.

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    I thought we were out after having no luck with the Trott catch, seriously a good catch like that, but no wicket and a 6, unlucky

    What a match again, stop it England.. an easy win would be nice.

    Still, not guarantee to be through yet, if Bangladesh beat South Africa tomorrow, there through, and as unlikely as it is, South Africa or already through so.. Then its down to Windies v India. England be relying on an India win, or a big Windies win to go through on the NRR. If Bangladesh win tomorrow.

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    upcoming matches will decide the clear picture of team positions..
    England just made it,at one stage i thought it would be out of world cup! Sarwan was struggling alot.

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    That Russel dude from the Windies is awesome.

    Good game for England.
    Well deserved win.

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    Well done South Africa

    So if India beat Windies tomorrow the quarter finals will be ..

    Pakistan v Windies
    South Africa v New Zealand
    India v Australia
    Sri Lanka v England

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