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  1. Exclamation PSX4Droid V2 v1.0.4

    PSX4Droid V2 v1.0.4
    Requirements: Android 2.0+
    Overview: psx4droid v2 is a Sony Playstation 1 emulator for high-end Androids (600MHz+ recommended).

    psx4droid v2 is a complete overhaul of the internal workings of the original emulator, requiring a new product due to compatibility.

    Upgrade to v2 for a much reduced price as I work out any issues that come up. Much more to come!

    Compatibility changes. Favorite games such as Metal Gear Solid and Dodonpachi now work!- Coming soon: OpenGL ES GPU

    V1.03 Changelog
    - FF8's map scene now runs smoothly.
    - Metal Gear Solid plays well, without any crashes. MGS Integral version is recommended to eliminate minor graphical glitches.
    - Fixed Abes Oddysee graphics issue.
    - Many more games work now. Game didn't run before? Try now!
    - Faster!
    - Fixed a sound bug causing crashing in many games.
    - FF9 is broken.
    - Save states now save and load properly.
    - *NOTE* PREVIOUS SAVE STATES NO LONGER WORK. They weren't properly saved in 1.0.0 -> 1.0.2. They are now ok to use.
    To come:
    - Samsung Galaxy Tab full screen.
    - Nexus S / Gingerbread support.
    - Continued optimizations.
    - Cheats / patch support.

    V1.02 Changelog
    Recent changes:
    - Many critical bugs fixed.
    - Added auto frameskip. Enabled by default. As this skips rendering, it can cause render bugs. Disable if this is the case.
    - Added fps/framerate counter option.

    Format: APK | Size: 3,09 MB | Language: English | Thanx to Legion

    Download Instructions:
    APK: Log in to see links
    BIOS: Log in to see links

    For newest Gameboid v2.1.0, look here:
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