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    Firstly I am glad to introduce Chinese mobile phones to all of you here.
    Mentioned the Chinese mobile phones,People may think the phones produced in China are of bad quality and Rubbish.
    In fact,not all of CHinese mobile phones like that.You can imagine that if The factories all produce rubbish products,How they live?
    The market is growing,the technology is growing,Now in China the mobile phone quality and technology is better and better.
    Mobile phones market is going to a smart times,for example,Windows mobile,Android mobile come out more and more in mobile market.
    Mobile products not only made in China,But also created in China.Here in china,some mobile phone company copy black berry and run Android or Windows mobile system inside,users can use these smart phones to send mails,login MSN,Face book,or play smart phone applications and so on.
    Hope you will be interested in this information,If you need any of the market messages of Chinese smart mobile phone information,you can contract me

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    what can i do with my china blackberry (bold 9000c) ? possible to put android inside?

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    Yes, prepare for total pressure of chinese brands in mobile market in 2-3 next years. In my city there are a lot of people with "noname" china smartphones / tablets in hands. You can find a lot of fun pictures in web, where sympatical chinese girl shows samsung galaxy s3 in one hand, and some china replica in another. Message behind picture: "Try to find a difference" Technical features of china mobile hardware is almost the same as in top, well known manufacturers. Quality a little bit worce (for example, battery life, small bugs) but price in 2-3 times low!

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