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    Default Quickshutdown v1.5.5c for Windows Mobile

    Quickshutdown v1.5.5c

    Application like Slide2Shutdown, but without the .Net framework. It can turn off, restart or set the phone in sleep mode.
    It is very fast to start !

    All resolution are supported (for QVGA, the pictures are resized) and lanscape is as smooth as portrait (thank's to the new version of Manila SDK) !

    The graphics are all stored in the \resources\VGA\ folder and you can change them at will.

    You will find the available languages in the \resources\lang\ folder, but you can create your own file (add any files in this folder). To enable your chosen language, use the configuration tool and select your language file!
    With the configuration tool, you can also modify the words directly by clicking!

    Don't hesitate to post here your language file!

    Becareful: you have to save your file with Unicode encoding !
    For graphic modification, you can download the pack created by lesscro or this one created by anhphe076.

    What's new in 1.5.5c:
    Added option to lock on unplug (Works well now)
    Double-lock issue solved
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    is it compatible with windows mobile 6.5??

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    i think yes

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    nice.............................................. ............

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    Good, very good, continue refueling.

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    The uses and safety measures which are provided about quickshutdown v1.5.5c for window mobile is really nice and also interesting. If anyone know the complete process and some advantages while using these kind of quick shutdown, Please produce that details.

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