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    Default Beach Live Wallpaper for Android

    Beach Live Wallpaper 1.0

    The new Live Wallpaper on the froyo release!

    Work ONLY with Froyo 2.2.
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    Hi blusky could u make this one so it also works on xperia, it looks awsome but cant seem too get it work on xperia play i have Froyo 2.3.2 ?
    It gives and error =( ill try download it again.

    Greets Than!
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    this is a good one !!!!

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    It cant be used for my sgs 2?!!

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    its soooooooo beautiful
    Does anyone know where I can get this for mySamsung Galaxy Ace?

    Many thanks

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    me encantaaa!!! pero no hay forma de instalarlo correctamente en mi sony ericsson experia arc s. Cada vez que lo intento abrir me dice que el proceso se ha interrumpido inesperadamente y que lo intente de nuevo, pero no funciona. Es más, una vez instalado no me deja abrirlo porque no aparece el botón habilitado. ¿Hay alguna forma de poder instalarlo ? la versión del android que tengo es 2.3.4
    Muchas gracias!

  7. Default Beach Live Wallpaper

    I had this on my Droid Charge until today when it did an update to some F1 thing and took it off. I am freaking out. I loved that wallpaper. It was my all time fav and I am throwing my phone away if I cant get it back. Is there anyway I can get it back for whatever this stupid update is now??? Please help I dont know what that thing is that you say it works on only.

  8. Default erased beach wallpaper

    Please also tell me how to download the beach wallpaper I use to have in my Droid Charge before the update March 28.

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    i'm using it!

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