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    Default Fantasy Warrior: Legends [by Digital Chocolate] BlackBerry

    Fantasy Warrior: Legends

    [by Digital Chocolate]

    Will you answer the call to fight evil and become a legend? Suit up in your armor, grab your sword and fight for glory. Explore a vast world as Rento the fearless warrior and liberate terrorized villages, journey through deep forests and dark crypts. Fight the malevolent forces of evil and unleash the dark secrets, regaining glory once again.


    * Experience a Contemporary RPG like never before on a mobile.
    * An immersive – spine chilling storyline that entwines the player closer to the cast.
    * Explore vast novel areas such as the desolate Village, Dense Jungles, Volcanic Mountains, Cryptic Dungeons, Meadows and much more with vibrant graphics.
    * Innovative blend of story narration and gameplay objectives.
    * Awe-inspiring environments.
    * Magnificent mystical powers of the Talisman enable you to bequeath devastating attacks upon enemies.
    * Tactics compelling Boss Battles.
    * Beware, mystery always lurk around the ambiance!
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  2. Smile need help

    hai..can this game play on bb model curve 8900?

  3. Default

    I would like to know its possible to download in Z3

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