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    Crystal TV

    watch mobile television error free and more clearly by using CRYSTAL TV

    Here-Crystal TV.jar

    Flash lite-


    All flash lite mobile applications and games for your mobile phones. We have the world's largest collection of flash lite applications and games.

    Here- Flash lite.jar
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    Media Player-


    Media Player New 11.02.. The best audio/video player for your mobile phone.


    Real one player-

    Real player.png

    Real one player for your Java mobile phones and other china enables phones


    Mobile Downloader v0.82-

    Mobile Downloader is the only software you need to manage downloads on your Java enabled cell phone. It allows you to pause and resume active downloads (The ability to resume a transfer may depend on the web sever you are downloading from). It also saves the transfer history - in case of a temporary network failure you may retransfer previously stopped ones later. Just give it a try and you won't regret.

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    CNBC Mobile-


    CNBC Mobile Web Site allows consumers to experience CNBC whenever they are on the go. With any web-enabled mobile phone, CNBC’s exclusive news market data, and Real-Time quotes are in the palm of your hands.

    - Forget 20 minute delayed quotes… get live stock quotes for free, with no registration required, right on your phone.

    - Read the latest CNBC exclusive business news & analysis, with stories being published around the clock.

    - Where’s the Dow at? How is the Euro doing against the Yen? CNBC’s list of Indices & Currencies keeps you current on all the key indicators.

    - Check the times of CNBC’s Business Day and Primetime shows, and learn more about the shows you love


    News hunt-(various indian newspapers)

    Get Newspapers from India, like Dainik Bhaskar, Dinamalar, Malayal Manorama, Eenadu, Sandesh, Sakaal, Mathrubhumi and many More. You can choose your favorite news paper and your favorite city edition from that news paper too!! Works even on phones that do not support Hindi, Tamil etc !!


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    Nokia Ovi browser Beta


    Ovi Browser is the new mobile destination. With Ovi Browser, you can go to all your favorite sites like Facebook and Twitter plus browse, search, play videos all from one page (mobile dashboard) on your phone.

    Ovi Browser brings rich web browsing to your phone that’s fast and easy. It uses patented Internet compression technology to reduce data usage up to 90%. As a result, pages show up quicker than ever and it saves you money on data charges. Multiple view modes are supported so that you can see the full web page in the original format or in a single column format that’s optimized for your phone. Ovi Browser is absolutely free, so give it a try.


    UCWEB Browserv7.2-

    UC or Ucweb mobile browser version 7.1 has been released. Java platform, browser, version 7.1 and UC to meet you, and the new version added a new year skin, picture upload function, optimizing the bookmark feature to make your life more colorful with mobile Internet; waiting for anything, quickly download experience bar.
    New features:
    1, New year, new skin, sending the first Tiger Tiger, UC with your New Year a good mood
    2, bookmarks, support for multi-level directory, categorized and structured
    3, picture upload, camera, anytime, anywhere, who want to make the film (only supports S40 models)
    4, bookmarks synchronized increase button, a button click, convenient and quick
    Function Optimization:
    1, touch-screen optimization, think about where on where to;
    2, optimizing images selected results, help you identify the focus of the current location;
    3, file management optimization, the first sort and then display the file folder;
    4, URL input box support for about recycling, moving more flexible;
    Fix the problem:
    1, wap network automatically logs the starting point exception
    2, open transit, can not query the Han Code Dictionary
    3, some mobile phone access QQ Alert "networking approach does not support"
    4, re-edit the contents of the clipboard inside, there will be part of the contents missing
    5, the link can not be selected on the NetEase
    6, Jinjiang original charges novel VIP network, the directory can not be selected
    Warm Tip: Sony Ericsson JP-6, JP-7 platform, some models may not be able to use 7.1 version, please download the 7.0 version to use.

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    Great Applications, Keep Posting!!!!!!!!!

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    Google maps-


    Download Google Maps to your phone, and never carry a paper map again. And with the brand new Google Latitude feature, see your friends' locations and status messages, and share yours with them.


    Physics Dictionary


    Mobile Physics Dictionary in the market first time by iFreeMobile. This is only 80Kb application which almost support every java phone in the market ,very much user friendly and Free of cost


    Royal file explorer-

    Royal File Explorer is a powerful File Manager for Java J2ME enabled mobile phones. It is the complete tool for managing your files on your mobile phone. It has features like Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete, Create Directory, View File Properties, Read and Write Protection of files, Hidden Files.

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    Test your english-

    This application tests Your English. You can choose random test or one of the 16 tests. If You have problem with displaying of a text, go to Settings and choose a type of view - Graphic (low level component Canvas with small or large fonts) or Form (high level compnent).


    Vu Clip mobile video

    •Get FREE and instant access to over a 100 million videos from your favorite internet video websites such as CBS, Reuters, DailyMotion, Metacafe and hundreds of others.
    •Search and watch videos on News, Music, Sports, Hollywood, Bollywood, Astrology, Funny/Sexy Clips, Hot Girls and much, much, more.
    •Share videos that you like with your social network easily and directly from your mobile phone.
    •Get the highest quality videos for the best user experience with real-time optimization just for your phone.
    •Watch videos anywhere in the world on any video-enabled mobile phone.


    You Tube-

    Watch or download videos and audios from YouTube directly from the browser of your phone, your tablet PC or your desktop. No need Adobe Flash Player.


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    Animals Info.

    animal info..jpg

    Now you can find out with Animals, information about a particular animal, such as the name of the Male the Female and there babies even which group they belong, with this easy to enter search, just input the first three letters of the Animal you would like information on lets say Hip for Hippopotamus, or Kan for Kangaroo, notice the first letter is higher case the other two or lower, this will then revel your search, if your favourite animal is not here please let me know, and I will update it on the next version.


    Avira Anti-virus



    Bar code reader

    barcode reader.gif
    BarCoder helps to you decrypt barcodes of items in shop, before you buy it.

    With this program you can get real information from barcode about manufacturer country and verify barcode by special authenticity algorhytm! Also you can get factory codes of manufacturer and item!

    ATTENTION: only for EAN-13, UCC-12, EAN-14 and EAN-8 barcodes!


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    ESPN Cricinfo.

    ESPN Cricinfo
    Scores & News Applications

    Cricinfo brings to your finger tips an incredible depth of content including Cricinfo's trademark live match coverage, news & analysis, dedicated country pages, comprehensive list of records and international player search.


    File manager 3-


    Free Mp3 Search

    mp3 songs search.jpg
    Now You Can Search More then 1 Milion Free Mp3 Songs


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    English Vocabulary

    english vocub.jpg

    Studying something and want to build you own flashcards? Wherever you are, whenever you have a few minutes—with StudyCell you can master the subject! Memorize foreign language vocabulary. Score high on your biology, history, and chemistry tests


    Google english-hindi translator-
    english0hindi translator.png

    World's First Mobile English-Hindi Text Translator power by google.This is free online application which is having 95K jar size only

    GoogleDictionaryeng-hindi trans..jar

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