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  1. Default Review: Mega Tower Assault

    Mega Tower Assault
    Mobile Game Review

    Mega Tower Assault
    Developer: In-house.
    Publisher: Gameloft.
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: J2ME
    Game Features: Streamlined tower defense gameplay with 8 different towers to build and upgrade or capture.
    Reviewed on: SE K800i


    The shores are being invaded and the base must be protected. Various towers and units are at the player’s disposal as they repel the invaders. The invaders are not without their own technology, however, as they will be sending the best they have to offer in the form of bombers, tanks and soldiers. Experience intense fun with this streamlined tower defense game that brings impressive innovations to the genre with neutral units, touch controls, leaderboards and interactive maps.


    Today we have a game from one of my favourite genres in the gaming world, I don't know what it is but when I play a good tower defence game I just can't seem to pull myself away from my PC screen, so when Mega Tower Assault arrived on our little screens I was more than happy to play it. My question this week is... How does Mega Tower Assault compare to PC tower defence games? Well, lets find out.

    As with all tower defence games you're pitted up against wave after wave of assault teams, be it wizards, bugs, soldiers or tanks who are trying to destroy your base (HQ) or steal your gems. In Mega Tower Assault your aim is to stop your enemy from reaching your base with a assortment of towers. I have to say no matter how many times you watch an enemy getting ripped to shreds by one of your towers it never gets tiring, even if it's a hundred times or more, there's something incredibly satisfying about it, I think that something might have something to with the first-class graphics and the excellent animation, they really are something special.
    Mega Tower Assault is a fairly traditional tower defence game in the sense that it plays almost the same as most tower defence games out there, you start off facing the weaker of the enemies units such as ground troop and buggies which are fairly simple to dispatch of, the chaingun tower usually does the trick. Later in levels you'll find yourself up against much harder enemies such as invisible machines, tanks and even planes, so choosing the right combination of towers is key to your success.
    Levels start off as a simple one entry map, as you progress through the game you'll start to notice that maps will start to have multiple entry points, which means that your tactics will have to be spot on. There are twelve stages in all, I know what your thinking 'Well that's not very much' fear not each stage has three levels making thirty six levels in total, with each level broken down into five waves (if I remember correctly) which last a couple of minutes, if like some people you find watching wave after wave a little tedious you do have the option of speeding up the game.
    There's a wide variety of towers to use at your will, providing you have enough money that is, money is earned by killing enemy units and completing waves. Towers can be upgraded, as is in almost all tower defence games to give you the upper hand on the harder enemies, though it is a little harder to tell how effective each upgrade on your towers will be, usually upgrade information will be given in numbers, in Mega Tower Defence it's bars, it's just not as clear as numbers, not that it takes anything away from the game.
    Now I'm big on the replay value of a game, Mega Tower Assault provides three different difficulty levels each requiring different tactics on how you approach each level, okay you're going to be playing the same levels again but a simple change in difficulty completely changes the way in which the game plays, thus adding a good replay value.
    I don't get Gameloft sometimes, at times they publish truly awful games, other times poor re-skinned versions of other games and then they go and publish a game like Mega Tower Assault, a truly brilliant game filled with hours of fun and challenge, let's just hope there's more of this to come in the future, providing they continue to work with In-house.


    I asked the question How does Mega Tower Assault compare to PC tower defence games? Well it blows them out of the water, okay there may be one or two out there that better Mega Tower Assault but there aren't many, many more that don't.


    Graphics: 10/10
    Some of the best out there.

    Better than most.

    Fun and simple with good replay value.


    Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

    Download the game: Here.
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    Great review, Aaron

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    Great Review Mate!!

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    Great Review Mate!!

    I'll have RS 2011 reviewed for you soon.

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    Next Review: Real Football 2011.

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    Those game's are not for me , but great review .

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    Great Review Bro
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    Thanks gelus.

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    Update: Next review will be up on Sunday.

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