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  1. Default Tekken Mobile

    Tekken Mobile brings a hard battle and icons of the
    characters from Tekken games consoles to your mobile.Featuring an unprecedented level of pure feeling of fighting . Make your way up to become the King of the Tournament of the Iron Fist.

    Unlock characters and extra clothes, in addition to
    competing with your friends in a VS mode.Enter a new tournament and prove you can be the best!Completing the Story or Arcade modes will unlock additional game
    modes like Tekken Force Mode or Custom (Custom mode).Gold coins can be used to buy custom clothing, these coins are won by making a high score in competitive modes.

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  2. Default Mystery Mania

    You're a mad scientist's charming robot creation, outsmarting man-eating plants and building ingenious contraptions as you explore bizarre rooms full of unsolved riddles. Guzzle strange potions, diffuse laser beams and battle angry creatures on your quest to discover why you were created.

    Who is the mysterious boy you keep running into? Can you escape the mansion in one piece?

    Discover your fate with Mystery Mania!

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  3. Default Gangstar 2: Kings Of LA

    Grand Theft Auto is still yet to come to mobile phone, so you can hardly be surprised that the likes of Gameloft are releasing games that are remarkably similar to it, along with I-play (Car Jack Streets), and THQ (Saints Row 2). After all, someone needs to be keeping happy a vast audience who enjoy nothing more than crushing policemen under the tyres of their car and punching prostitutes in the face.

    Gangstar 2: Kings of LA is one of the best you'll find. It's got all the guns, violence and dodgy street speak today's gaming audience could possibly ask for, and some.

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  4. Default LocoRoco Hi!


    This remake of a PSP game does the original justice in nearly every way. It's got the bright, unique visuals, exploration and cute platforming nailed, and you'll enjoy every boundlessly entertaining minute exploring LocoRoco's world on your phone.

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  5. Default Might And Magic 2

    As vast, immersive and deep as any RPG you'd find on a handheld console, this is a remarkably accomplished yet accessible game that will keep you playing for ages.

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  6. Default Nanowarrior

    Featuring anti-aliasing, dynamic lighting and all kinds of posh 3D effects, this game actually reads a little like Crysis, or Halo 3, which is no bad party line. The heroes in Nanowarrior wear battle suits with shields, cloaking devices and modular weapons, adding an air of stealth to the FPS mechanics.

    It also promises a decent storyline and a selection of mini-games to keep the action hot, though exactly what these plot points and add-ons will be hasn’t yet been disclosed.

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  7. Default Farm Frenzy

    Description: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run your own fully working farm? Looking after chickens, sheep and cows, producing cakes, wool, butter and cheese. If you fancy giving it a go without having to get up at the crack of dawn every day Farm Frenzy is the game for you! In the style of time-management games like Diner Dash you’ll have to work hard to achieve your goals, whether that's owning a certain number of animals, producing a specific number of goods or simply racking up a huge profit.

    Farm Frenzy has 48 action-packed levels to keep you busy, starting from simple egg collecting tasks to the rigours of producing cheese, woollen cloth and cakes all at the same time. To help you along the way you can upgrade various parts of your farm, from the vehicle you use to transport the goods to market, to the warehouse you can store goods in, even the buildings that produce the goods. Soon you’ll be producing vast quantities of products and turning over a huge profit.

    As well as the standard upgrades the really canny player may unlock special VIP bonuses, these include super-fast transport vehicles, automatic water-pumps and discount cards to secure cheaper purchasing of animals for your farm!
    With bright vibrant graphics, a great soundtrack and more fun than an afternoon at the petting zoo, Farm Frenzy will have you hooked. Happy farming!


    - 48 original levels.
    - Five animals to care for.
    - Nine farm products to sell.
    - Six buildings to purchase.
    - Unlimited game time.
    - VIP bonuses.
    - Brilliant graphics and nice soundtrack.

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  8. Default

    Thanks! , please post more ?

  9. Default

    Thanks! , please post more

    thanx for posting andy
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  10. Default Crazy Taxi 3D

    Has anyone played the old Crazy Taxi game on Sega or PC? The game was super fun , with your objective to pickup customers and drive them to destination as fast as possible. They didnt mind mindless driving as that was the objective of the game .. to use shortcuts, dodge incoming traffic and use ramps to jump ahead. Your tips depended on how fast you could reach destination. Now the same sensation comes to your touchscreen mobile phone! Unlike other racing games on mobile which are set to auto accelerate, this one forces u to accelerate or reverse on your own as you need that to pick up customers. this adds a little toll on ur fingers but rest its fun. The whole map is huge enough for variety of taste and still has all those ramps etc on mobile which were in desktop game.

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