psx4droid v1.61

Requirements: Android 2.x
Overview: psx4droid is the famous PSX emulator for Android 2.x devices.

Itís fast and feature packed including:
- Supports eboot format! (compressed too!)
- BlueTooth (WiiMote) controller support
- Trackball d-pad
- Memory card / save states.
- On-screen control overlays
- Scaling modes
- much more

psx4droid v1.6 released. Changelog:
- Put sound on itís own thread. Smoother sound playback. Especially on the Droid series of phones.
- Added two new global options for game compatibility. SPU IRQ for certain games such as some Final Fantasy titles. And Root Counter setting for games such as Vandal Hearts 1+2. Use these settings only to test non-working games.
- Fixed bugs in the timing of vsyncs and cdrom resulting in better performance. Slower phones will see the most benefit.
- Fixed an issue where games would draw to only half the screen. This occurred in games like Wipeout XL where 640◊240 resolution was used but not scaled correctly.
- Various small bug fixes.

More Info:
psx4droid (PSX Emulator) ~ Android Game v1.61 By ZodTTD | Arcade & Action

[u]Download Instructions:

APK + BIOS FILE : Download PSX4Droid for free on

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Have Fun with this Emu