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    Default SliderLock v5.1.0 & v5.5.1 for BlackBerry

    SliderLock v5.1.0 & v5.5.1

    After you install the application please make sure you set all your permissions to allow or the app may not work correctly.

    As you probably know RIM's default lock is rather sluggish and boring. That's where BerrySlider comes into play.

    Launching the App

    Depending on what options you choose the lock will automatically activate when:

    The Screen Fades Out: When ever your screen fades out and you click the screen to turn it back on you will be presented with the Slider. You will have to slide to unlock your phone.

    Application options are located on options.
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    how to install it... i thought the file should be in .alx format? thanks

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    i also try but nothing is working

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    i'll try.....

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    how can i install sliderlock cos there's no .axl file in it please help

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    I was faced many problem when I was install it to my BB.

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