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  1. Default Review: Miami Nights 2

    Miami Nights 2
    Mobile Game Review

    Miami Nights 2
    Developer: Gameloft.
    Publisher: Gameloft.
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: J2ME
    Game Features: .
    Reviewed on: SE K800i


    Build a prestigious career and enter the envied circle of Miamiís most powerful. Your newfound celebrity status will make you encounter characters so crazy and unexpected they will seem drawn from a movie script. All non-playable characters have a human-like memory so donít offend them or they might come and beat you up later in the game. Use your notoriety to flirt, kiss, seduce and moreÖ But donít forget to manage your relationships, especially with your ex(es), otherwise they will come and stalk you at your door.


    Hello again, today we have another request review, now when I think of games set in Miami I think of games such as Vice City, Miami Vice and Scarface, the portrayal of sex, drugs and gangsters, so when Cyclonus requested that I reviewed Miami Nights 2 I was a little wary about reviewing it as I didn't want to be put off the eccentric Miami lifestyle that was made great by Vice City etc. But as I'm a man of my word I reviewed it.

    When I first played Miami Nights 2 the first game that popped straight into my head was The Urbz, much like the Sims games you choose who's life to lead, so at the start of the game you'll choose either a male or a female character/avatar, again as with the Sims games you'll make friends, make money, and everything you do will effect what your friends think and feel about you.
    I've played all the other games in the Night series, honestly I don't know why because they're all the same, just set in different cities and you know what? Miami Nights 2 is almost exactly the same as all the others, with exactly the same aim as all the others, to make it big in the city both in love and fame, though I must say Miami Nights 2 is a little bit harder to get to grips with than the others, there are differences with Miami Nights 2 and the other games in the series though they are very subtle differences that you will hardly ever notice them, one difference you will notice is the difficulty of talking to new people, as with the other games you get an information bar at the bottom of the screen on the person you're talking to, to help you along with the conversation to win them over, this time around though not every conversational option is open from the start, you'll have to work at it to get them available.
    As I said before what you do in the game will effect what your friends will think of you, this is controlled by your ratings which are set across the board as intellect, physical prowess, esteem and even hygiene, these factors are key to your success in Miami, as is in real life if your personal hygiene is poor no-one will want to be around you and it's the same in the game, committing crimes will also get you ignored by your friends, so being clean and good will help you progress.
    Thing is I'm writing a review on a game that I feel that I've played four or five times before, how can I put this? I had no means to want to play it for more than an hour. Gameloft have really annoyed me on this one, the sheer amount of laziness and lack of creativity gone into this game is almost insulting, okay Miami nights 2 may be the better looking of all the other games in the Nights series but it's simply not enough because at the end of the day playing a game that is just a recycled version on the first, second, third or whatever in the series is a bit of a joke, and to be honest I could have reviewed any other the others and the review would have been exactly the same, I have no doubt about that, for me this was just put out there to make money, Gameloft knows it has enough fans of the series that will buy this game, yes I know all games are made to make money but most of them are made for entertainment and fun and you can tell which ones have been made with creativity and love, with Miami Nights 2 though you just don't get that.


    So then Miami Nights 2 a game that annoyed me for all the wrong reasons, not because it's a challenge but because it's a carbon copy of all the others in the Nights series.


    Graphics: 7/10
    The only good thing about the game.


    Game play:
    Same as all the others in the series.

    Lacking in creativity.

    Overall Score: 3 out of 10

    Download the game: Here.

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    Awesome review But....? [Dead links removed]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Log in to see links
    Awesome review But....? [Dead links removed]
    Cheers Kevin.

    There are working links in that thread but they're all on different pages, I didn't want multiple links in here so I just linked to the first page.

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    Love your review, Great work Aaron!!!

    Page: #56 at the link above has all the screens
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    Great review.

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    Thanks guys.

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    nice one bro
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    Good Review

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    Thanks both.

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    Nice review Aaron!

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