View Poll Results: Is Miami Nights 2 just a copy of the others?

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    Thanks Vivian.

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    Next review: Avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    Next review: Avatar.
    Good! Can't wait.
    Thank's EvilSpaghetti.

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    No problem.

    I'll be up on Saturday.

  5. Default Wash,rinse & repeat

    OK I'll be honest , i haven't really played this game through all the way to the end but i have played the other games which follow the same format( i.e pick ur avatar, interact with NPC's , build ur relationships etc) the most recent of which was Date or Ditch 2.
    Anyway with that in mind Miami nights just doesn't offer anything groundbreaking ah well , good review 'Spaghetti . Looking forward to your review on Avatar

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    cant wait for Avatar thanks for accepting my request
    Signature exceeds allowed size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gelus Log in to see links
    cant wait for Avatar thanks for accepting my request
    Ooooh, can we make requests

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    You can.....

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    This review is so harsh ... But they really work hard on these games, not very much on the storyline, but the characters are ok

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    They probably do work hard on them, but you just don't see it in the game.

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