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  1. Default Review: Cyberpunk Arasaka's Plot

    Cyberpunk Arasaka's Plot
    Mobile Game Review

    Cyberpunk Arasaka's Plot
    Developer: R.Talsorian Games.
    Publisher: LemonQuest.
    Release Date: Out now.
    Format: J2ME
    Game Features: Official license of one of the most acclaimed role-playing games.
    Reviewed on: SE K800i


    Cyberpunk is one of the most acclaimed role-playing games in the last years. Now you can enjoy the game for mobile phones. The videogame offers exceptional aesthetics and futuristic settings. Technically speaking, Cyberpunk Arasaka´s Plot is said to be one of the best games developed for the mobile phones: impressive graphics, fluid animations, detailed settings... and of course, a solid plot.


    Today we have a request review for how can I put this? In terms of mobile gaming, a retro game, an oldie, so as requested by the Mobiles24 member filani I shall be reviewing Cyberpunk Arasaka's Plot.

    As usual we'll start off with gameplay, I can't really define what Cyberpunk is, it's not a side scroller as the game doesn't actually scroll, it's more of a screen to screen action game, but I actually like the concept, it adds to the thrill of playing, not actually knowing what's around the corner you'll always have to concentrate and have your wits about you when playing the game, it also helps add to the difficulty of the game as most of the time you'll be entering each screen low on health, but that's not necessarily a good thing as the game is hard enough as it is, and you will find yourself dying a few times, sadly there are no checkpoints on the levels so when you do die you will have to restart each level from the beginning, which as you can probably guess can get a little annoying, on saying that if you have a good enough memory it's not going to be a problem as each enemy on each level will always be in the same places once you restart. As I said this game is hard and unforgiving enemies often take more than one shot to die and usually you're up against more than one at a time, but thankfully you do have unlimited ammo, which in this game is a blessing. Now if like me you've played this game all the way through you'll know that it doesn't get any easier as you progress, enemies get harder and so do the levels, you'll soon be up against riot shield wielding soldiers and even ninjas who use teleports to get in behind you and attack you with their swords, at this point you'll find yourself getting increasingly frustrated with the game simply because of the amount of time you'll have to restart each level, but at the same time even more determined to beat it. So what sort of gamer does this game appeal to? Well it'll be your RPG player, you may not think it but it will, as you progress through the game you'll find computer terminals scattered through the levels that can be hacked, allowing you to upgrade weapons and player stats, though they actually have little effect on the game.
    So what's the plot? Well you play as a soldier who is employed by Arasaka, the solder is a veteran of a previous war who as been rebuilt by Arasaka to make him a more effective and powerful soldier, however there's been a murder and all evidence makes him the prime suspect, and now he has to fight his way to the truth. In all honesty the plot is a little weak in my opinion, but as far as mobile games go, it works, a nice little touch I found within the game is that at certain points in the game you'll be given links to the game's website which provide a back-story, though you don't actually need to go to these links to get more of a grasp on the game it's a nice little feature for the fans of the game.
    In terms of graphics it's one of the better looking games out there and for it's age that's quite something, it looks like one of your classic action titles from the nineties, the sound isn't too bad, nothing special.


    Cyberpunk is certainly a challenging game and isn't one for the casual gamer, you'll be tearing your hair out at points, but in the end it'll be worth it, because with what it puts you through, and the sheer amount of frustration you'll just be happy you'll never have to play it again, that's not me saying it's a bad game, quite the opposite, it's just one of those ones that make you want to go out and punch someone in the face, nonetheless it's a very good game.


    Graphics: 9/10
    Visually stunning, reminiscent of 90's action games.

    Not too bad.

    Game play:
    Though hard you'll be left coming back for more.

    Slightly weak, but good enough for mobile.

    Overall Score: 8 out of 10

    Download the game: Here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    it's just one of those ones that make you want to go out and punch someone in the face
    OMG! That made me laugh.
    Anyway great review, and I'm going to try that game too!

  3. Default

    First off, i want to thank EvilSpagetti for taking the time to review this game on a personal request from me at the last minute , you rock

    I'm actually impressed you finished the game in what ? 3 days ? i was at it for much longer and just as you said there were moments were i felt like smashing my phone on the floor thanks to those damn teleporting ninja but determination and curiosity compelled me to push through to the end.

    No doubt about it, on first play through the difficulty level is rock hard but i urge all first time players to push through till the end .

    Interacting with the terminals is actually essential to have a complete view of the game b'cos as you said they give back-story references and more for those who take the time to look deeper.

    As to the plot being weak... well i'll let all other mobile gamers come to their own conclusions.

    I honestly believe that Cyberpunk: The Arasaka plot (C:TAP) was and is a brilliant piece work that never got due credit for its' brilliance. It didn't win any awards in the year of its release but thanks to EvilSpaghetti and yours truly it will forever be immortalized on M24 as a silver award winner!

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    It took me more than three days and a lot of my hair.

    I actually started playing it when you requested it, and only finished it yesterday, the other two games were reviewed first only because they were easier to finish.

    As I said in my review I only suggest you play this game if you're up for a challenge and not a casual gamer, because if you're not you will end up with a broken phone.
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  5. Default A cyberpunk adventure

    Teaser Trailer
    <object style="height: 390px; width: 640px"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="390"></object>

    What can i say about a game that has been acknowledged in some quarters as one of the most impressive games developed for mobile phones from a technical aspect.To really appreciate this game it would be necessary to trace it back to it's roots as it were.

    Cyberpunk:The Arasaka Plot (C:TAP) comes to life from the classic RPG boardgame CYBERPUNK 2020 published by R.Talsorian games which also had influence from novelist William Gibson who was the first to coin the phrase 'Cyberpunk' and is widely accepted as the father of the cyberpunk genre, for the sake of space the wikipedia link is added Log in to see links .

    Having browsed through this wiki page i will assume from this point that we all have a working knowledge of the following individuals (SOLO,NETRUNNERS), MegaCorporations (Arasaka corp, Militech Corp) and the time period of the events of C:TAP (A ceasefire period during the 4th Corporate War)and the place it all went down (NightCity) But for more indept info concerning the game visit the official website of the game
    Log in to see links

    The Graphics
    C:TAP makes use of rotoscoping technique emulating classic games Prince of persia(the original game) and Flashback: The quest for identity (F:TQFI). The result is a fluid lifelike character who you can better appreciate at this site Log in to see links

    The backgrounds are classic cyberpunk noir, dominant grey shades with splashes of colour set the dark moody tone for the game.

    The Sound
    C:TAP boasts of 6 Original Sound Tracks composed for the game

    The Gameplay
    Rock hard action to test even the most experienced of mobile gamers!

    Witness the birth of Cyberpunk on your mobile phone. Are you ready to uncover the Arasaka Plot ?
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    Next review: Blur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    Next review: Blur.
    pls not that game it suks why dont you review another game
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    Quote Originally Posted by gelus Log in to see links
    pls not that game it suks why dont you review another game
    I know it's bad, that's why I'm reviewing it.

    The past few reviews have been positive, I have to balance out the positive and negative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilSpaghetti Log in to see links
    I know it's bad, that's why I'm reviewing it.

    The past few reviews have been positive, I have to balance out the positive and negative.
    ok bro could you make a review of Avatar pls
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  10. Default

    Quote Originally Posted by gelus Log in to see links
    ok bro could you make a review of Avatar pls
    I can, but it won't be for a while, I've got Blur and another request to review first.

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