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    Quote Originally Posted by santhumax Log in to see links
    I did that..
    but when i tried to open the installed file it is asking me to download files from internet through Wi-Fi.
    i copied the SD card files in the SD card..then also it's showing the same message.
    i have Astro FM, and i downloded the Gameloft HD games pack from Torrents, which have the game .APK file and SD card files.
    some one help me to RUN those games.

    Thanks in Advance.
    You don't need any special software to install an app.
    You should also make sure that under your Application Settings, you have "Unknown Sources" enabled so that you can install files from outside the market.

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    Nice tutorial

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    hi,I am new to this android am using htc wildfire and want
    this game air attack hd..i cant find this game in android there any way i can install air attack hd in my phone through pc??please help me guys..

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    感谢分享 sorry i cant speak in english

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    works great, thanks

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    thanksssssss for game

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    Thanks for sharing this thread my friend.

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