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3D Aquarium is an incredibly realistic and compelling aquarium simulation.
There were never more accurate and authentic fishes on an iPhone.

You are about to watch a beautiful round aquarium.
The camera can be rotated by 360 degrees using either accelerometer or touchscreen.
In auto camera mode, the camera zooms and rotates randomly.
The aquarium is fully customizable - the fishes, substrate, background, seaweed and other items.
Apart from fishes you may add another creature to your aquarium - a fully animated and interacting crab.
You can create up to three aquariums and easily choose between them for viewing.
Depending on your choice, tapping the screen either simulates a knocking on the pane or it creates a food particle to feed your fish.
It is real fun to chase away the fishes using the knocking feature, especially in combination with the accelerometer control.
You can send your fishes to sleep by turning off the lights.

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