Noise Room 1.0

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The Noise Room is finally available for the iPad. The Noise Room is the premiere sound effects app for the iPad. The Noise Room contains 99 high quality sounds for many different occasions. There are 11 unique sound effect rooms. You will find yourself replaying your favorite sounds repeatedly. The Noise Room allows you to loop your favorite sound over and over again.

The sound effects included in Noise Room are:

Animal Room


Animal Room 2


Transportation Room

•Fire Truck
•Police Car
•Propeller Plane

The Crowd Room

•Merry Christmas
•Happy Birthday
•Happy New Year
•Stomp Stomp Clap

Human Sounds Room

•Sneeze Male

Human Sounds Room 2

•Baby Crying
•Baby Laughing
•Man Screaming
•Man Laughing
•Woman Screaming
•Woman Crying
•Woman Laughing

Noise Room

•Night Sounds
•City Sounds

Noise Room 2

•Jingle Bells
•Toilet Flush
•Broken Glass

Excitement Room

•"There Is Something You Don't See Everyday"•Touchdown
•Way To Go
•Well Done
•You Did It
•Yee Ha!
•Yee Hoo!
•Woo Hoo!

Insult Room

•Shut Up
•Shut Up
•Shut Up
•Gosh, You're Ugly
•Nobody Likes You
•You Suck!

Insult Room 2

•Boy You Dont Want None
•Excuse Me
•Is That All You Got
•What the Heck

If you are having problems hearing any sounds, please check your volume level.

1024x768, iPad
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