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    Default RamBlow v1.00 for BlackBerry

    RamBlow v1.00

    Color Lines is a board game mixing logic and luck for a simple yet extremely addictive playing experience.

    The BEIKS version of the game for the BlackBerry® platform is based on the classic Color Lines by Gamos Software, a Russian company which, to the best of our knowledge, was the first to release Color Lines.

    The game quickly became extremely popular and at some point was reportedly more popular than Tetris itself in Russia. Yet the two games are totally different in concept and playing experience.

    We at BEIKS are avid Color Lines fans and do our best to present the game to every major mobile platform.

    Since its initial release in mid 90s the game had seen many modifications, extensions and other changes by various developers around the world. Some have indeed been for the good. Others have not.

    And although we ourselves offer an extended playing mode we can t help but notice that the game shines in its original, simple and - again - terribly addictive implementation, which we try to preserve in every release we make.
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    Nice game I was looking for this game.
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