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    Default PB TaskManager v2.0.2

    PB TaskManager v2.0.2

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    - a standalone mini application that keeps your phone faster
    Newly added since release 1.3.3 - Schedule memory cleaning. As well as the manual memory clean function, Memory Cleaning schedule is supported from 1.3.3. You can now schedule your phone to clean itself every 1~9 hours, thus boosting its performance quietly and constantly.

    Cell Phone is like a computer - when memory runs low, it slows down. At any moment, the system has some unnecessary memory usage, sometimes a lot. TaskManager allows you to clean unnecessary memory usage manually or by schedule. Our memory cleaning mechanism is intelligent and friendly, and we constantly improve the cleaning method whenever BlackBerry offers new programming interface (API). You can also reboot your phone when cleaning memory is not sufficient to free enough memory.

    PB Task Manager
    - keeps your phone fast and responsive by reducing resource waste (RAM, FLASH, Java Objects)
    - allows you to view running programs and properties
    - presents real-time memory usage statistics
    - offers one click access to phone's system log
    - reboot/reset phone without pulling out battery
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    Thanks for the post,bt it seem nt to work with Bold 3(9650). Besides I will appreciate it I u can help with TTpod software dat is compatable with BB bold 3

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    Thank you for the really nice information from this pose thank you my friend its helpful.

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